I used to be all externally focused.

A serious case of wanderlust, worrying about other people and their problems as a way to avoid my own, constantly being busy so that I wouldn't be with my own thoughts for too long, and only concerned with how my body looked with no awareness of how it felt.

I've started to find a balance. I still want to travel but so that I can observe other cultures and learn about them rather than for an escape from my reality.

I don't worry about what other people are doing.

I have acceptance of different points of views.

I've found peace in being at home and being comfortable with the quiet moments.

I stopped saying yes to every opportunity that came my way and thought about whether it's something I truly want to do or if it is out of guilt or a feeling of obligation.

I've found love for my body, awareness of how certain foods make me feel in both my digestion and my mood, how those foods affect my skin.

I've found appreciation for my thick thighs and wide shoulders and all the natural strength that comes with them.

The peace was inside of me all along, I had to peel back the layers, shed limiting beliefs, and live by my own truth to find it.