Today I am grateful for my voice. 

We all want the same things: love, freedom and happiness.

Right now, I feel betrayed.

I am angry, sad, and scared and these feelings mimic the general consensus of what I'm seeing on my facebook feed.

These feelings all root back to one thing:

Fear Fuels Hate.

Hate and blame are backed by anger.

Anger that makes us look strong but is masking deep sadness.

It's okay to show that sadness. It doesn't mean weakness.

It means grief. It means a fear of loss.

Fear of the loss of our freedoms, our voice and our safety.

Fear of the loss of security and the fear of the unknown.

This fear fuels hate.

No matter where you stand on this presidential election, let's try and understand the "other side."

The opinions of the people that disagree with you.

Through understanding, compassion and acceptance, we can pave the way to love, freedom and happiness.

My fellow light-bringers - continue to shine your messages of love, acceptance and understanding. 

My fellow peaceful warriors - continue to stand for freedom. 

My fellow happiness advocates - continue to speak the truth and uplift this nation and human consciousness.