The combination of winter blues and being surrounded by negativity has made it challenging to find gratitude and silver linings. As hard as I try to not let it affect me, it seeps in. I was doing almost everything the articles recommended to combat seasonal depression but the past few weeks have dragged on and it took all my might to get through each day. I found myself compiling a list of complaints in my mind of what I would usually perceive as minor inconveniences, but I had built them up in my head as something bigger. I wanted to tell someone and get sympathy for how the world seemed to be stacked up against me. It’s not. At all. I have so much to be grateful for. 

I was in a Yin Yoga training this weekend and our homework was to write down 11 things we are grateful for and 11 things that bring us joy. It helped to shift my perspective. We sat in a circle and shared 3 from each list. I got to hear 108 beautiful and heartwarming reminders of gratitude and joy. Here’s the 11 from my lists. I could easily write 108 for each.

I am grateful for:

  • how warm my apartment is
  • where I am in my life right now
  • the people in my life and how supportive they are
  • feeling like i belong here
  • my body that is strong, healthy, flexible, and capable
  • the privilege and opportunity to live in this city that is so full of life, culture, brilliant minds, inspiring people, and a like-minded community
  • the easy access to good food and water
  • my education
  • the freedom to be myself and choose the life that I want to live
  • the privilege I was born into and the inner strength and resilience that have helped me to where I am now
  • my teachers

My joys are:

  • the twinkly lights in my room that transform it into a magical world
  • the sunlight that bathes my beautiful, peaceful, spacious home
  • dog paws
  • a good cup of tea
  • the trees, squirrels, and bunnies in my neighborhood
  • the layer of fresh snow that lines the trees
  • majestic sunsets and sunrises
  • stomach splitting laughter with my friends
  • waking up in my own time to morning light, gauzy curtains, and warm, soft kisses
  • the safety and contentment I feel in a tight embrace with my partner
  • dancing wildly and freely