Silver linings and the light at the end of the tunnel.

They’re hard to see when we feel swallowed by darkness. 

I wasn’t comfortable with sharing publicly about what was happening in my life but I was able to lean on a few friends. One of the mantras I repeated before the break up was “I am well taken care of by my loved ones and the universe.” My friends helped me in various ways that played to their strengths and what they were able to offer. Some shared their experiences that paralleled mine and I was able to find strength and hope by seeing how they have moved beyond them. Some of them continued to check in with me to ask how my day is going and just be there for me.

After my post from last week, more friends have reached out to offer their support. I am touched by every single person whose lives I’ve connected with. I’m so passionate about the power of social media and its ability to be a source of positivity in our lives. Someone I’ve connected with only through Instagram reached out to me to give me a wonderful message:

“There’s always a silver lining and when you are in your darkest hour, take something from the moment and use it as a source of strength to push forward.”

I’ve been changing and healing and growing so much over the past few years that even as challenging this life decision was, I was able to approach it from the most grounded and healthy way I’ve ever handled any situation. I’ve had all the tools I need from my yoga practice, therapy, meditation, and meeting other bright souls here to provide unconditional love, that have helped me unlearn the habitual behaviors of my past and create new behaviors moving forward.