I’ve watched my yoga practice change over the years.

When I started practicing Ashtanga primary series, which is an intense hour and a half sequence, I was determined on getting my body into all the poses and progressing on to second series. The poses were the goal. I’ve gone through phases of doing this practice every day to not at all. There’s been times that this practice feels like an epic journey akin to slaying dragons.

I’ve noticed this month how I tense up my shoulders and fight through the practice. I was mindful in my practice yesterday about the tension in my shoulders and taking things easy on my knees and not forcing myself as far as I could into a pose that my body wasn’t ready for yet. I allowed myself the full 5 breaths to deepen into each posture. I didn’t get as deeply into the postures as I’ve gone before but I felt more accomplished by releasing the struggle and the ego that I’ve held on to for years. ✨🔥🌟