You deserve good things.

Love, abundance, freedom, all that you desire is flowing to you. You are well taken care of by your loved ones and the universe.

Do you ever feel suspicious or cautious when things are going well? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you doubt that good things can happen to you?

"Abundance flows freely to me and I am well taken care of by my loved ones and the Universe.”

I repeated this mantra in some of my most anxious times. But sometimes I didn't fully believe it. I've grown up with a mentality that I have to do all this work and prove myself in order for good things to come my way, and if I let my guard down or rest for even one moment, it could all go to shit. A fear-based mentality. I started to shift my mindset and TRUST that good things and abundance will come no matter what.


Our worth is not dependent on how well we perform.

Our worth is inherent.

Give yourself permission to rest and trust that good things are here, and good things will continue to stay in your life.

Speak positive intention into the world about what you DO want.

Release expectations and attachment.

Even when the tides roll in and stir shit up, remember that everything is Another Freaking Growth Opportunity