I could not have made all this beautiful food six months ago.

The person I was six months ago had so many negative associations around cooking that the mere thought of it sent me into a panic. I have so much gratitude for Katie Rust, my health coach, who helped kickstart my healing process around food and cooking starting this past June.

I started learning about food prepping and how to listen to my body. I've been cooking by myself and with my boyfriend Brett for the past few months and I'm actually starting to find this FUN! Seriously, who am I?? Katie inspired me to try Whole30. When I first heard about it a few years ago, I scoffed at it and I believe my exact words were "hell no! fuck that!!"

But now... here I am.

Brett and I are doing Whole30 together, keeping each other inspired and motivated. He’s empowered me in so many ways. I've been learning about my mindset around food and cooking through this process. I actually LOVE the food that I am eating and it feels so good knowing that I made it. I’m glad that I am finally enjoying something so essential to human survival. And the best part is that I am doing more than surviving. I am THRIVING and I'm dancing to music in the kitchen while I cook. 😍💃🏻❤️