Is peace something that we have to search for, something we have to work at to attain? Or is it something we are in our truest nature when you peel back the layers, at our very core, sitting alongside love and joy?

Maybe it's both. Searching and looking within, working at chipping away at all the ways life has hardened us to find our peaceful nature. 

I'm probably known as the happy go lucky yoga girl with bubblegum pink hair that loves puppies more than anything, but just like UniKitty from the Lego Movie, I have my shadow side and it reveals itself as explosive rage. The rage that comes from a deep place of pain, sadness, and unworthiness.

One of my favorite lines from @kinoyoga's primary series video is

"Dedicate yourself to making this world a more peaceful place, one breath at a time."

This line hits me so hard every time because I truly want to do good in this world. In order to bring about any positivity in the world, I have to start with myself, find peace within myself first. Then hopefully, maybe I can start to inspire those around me to find peace and do good. I keep the understanding that the people on this same path will appear in my life and those who are not will distance themselves.

That is okay.