What is Coaching?

It’s a partnership designed to help you discover, clarify, and achieve your goals. We uncover old stories and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and begin to rewire those thought patterns.
You have the answers to your life. I’m here to ask you the right questions to discover the answer.

Coaching could be perfect for you if...

  • You feel stuck in your life and don't know how to move forward.

  • You feel lost with your direction in life and want to figure out your purpose or direction.

  • You have big goals and dreams but don't know how to bring them into reality.

  • You have been wanting or trying to save money or pay off debt but still haven't made progress.

  • You need an accountability partner!


What others have to say


Before my coaching sessions with Mona I felt incredibly stuck. In the distance I could see my ultimate goal, my dream. But I had no idea how to move toward it. Mona helped me to break it down into steps that made moving forward less scary. She also encouraged me to take a good look at my shadows and explore how those ultimately could be holding me back. She was there for me the entire way offering support and after each call I felt lighter and inspired.

Iʼve started moving toward my dream and I feel more prepared than ever. I encourage anyone who feels like they are in a rut, yet desperately wants to move toward a goal or dream to go on this incredible journey with Mona. I am forever grateful for our sessions and the abundance I am walking away with!

– Lisa Palmer, yoga teacher


Mona's ample way of encouraging me to listen to myself when it comes to my daily struggles, gave me confidence and faith that I would come out of our sessions with a new tool or perspective on the topic we discussed. These tools and new perspectives is the key to having a life coach. Researching, reading and doing a lot of the work on my own made me feel great, but having that interaction with your life coach can give you something much more.

Mona's calm approach to my personal struggles made it easy for me to open up to her. What I thought would be difficult to express or share with Mona was actually quite easy. How she prompted me to ask questions and get real with myself, allowed me to remain in my truth and dive deeper into it. Mona is consistent, organized and humble. If you have been searching for a way to get out of cycle, move forward quicker, or discover new things within you...reach out to Mona. She will lead you, steer you, encourage you and celebrate you.

– Allie Jones, intuitive reader, Alight Sanctuary


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