I keep saying that I wish I didn't feel this way.

I wish the weather didn't affect me as much as it does.

Well, honey, it does. So whatcha gonna do about it? You can't change it.

I don't want to minimize it and say

"well, at least it's not as cold as it could be, like on Antarctica or Mars

(like that one winter in Chicago where it actually was colder than Mars)"

or, "at least it's warm even though it’s raining!"

I'm tired of false positivity.

Cloudy days and frigid cold make me downright miserable.

But what am I going to do every time it gets cloudy? Wallow in it?

Maybe. Maybe I'll throw myself a pity party.

Or can I use all of the cloudy days as a reminder to turn inside?

When it is cloudy, I go within.

I turn on my twinkly lights, light a candle, and sip from a big mug of hot tea.

Even in the summertime.

I go within.

I listen.

To my heart, and to the rain.

Remember that we are raindrops on a window pane, finding each other, soon to be connected.

Instead of trying to fight it, I flow with it.

I let the winds carry me. It knows where to take me.

New places I may not have thought of, and old places to revisit.

I return for a reason. Another lesson to be learned.

I hold my truth in my heart.

My heart is my home.

Wherever the wind takes me, I am home.

On the sunny days,

I march ahead,

follow the light,

follow the fire,

follow the sun.

I cannot be lead astray as long as home is in my heart.