I spent years trying to find balance in my life. I didn't even really know what it was. I lived in extreme highs and extreme lows. It was all go go go or a halting stop. Being content with life was unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me so I swung between "life is FUCKIN AMAZING 😁😍😂" or "omg my life is in shambles 😫😭😵." I viewed balance as this elusive third unknown point between two opposites and in order to achieve it, I had to give up duality.

It was when I came to the realization that balance is contentedness and the co-existence of duality that things started to change. I had to sit with that incredibly uncomfortable concept that being content is okay and I started to find that balance wasn't something outside of myself that I had to find, it was within me all this time.

Does this resonate with you? How have you found balance? Are you still searching for it?