Diving for Treasure

Diving for Treasure


Diving for Treasure

Diving for Treasure

A Soulful Exploration
to Create Freedom and
Flow with Money

A 12-week online course

Imagine a life where...

You can relax into the knowing that money is flowing in.

You can look at your bank account and feel satisfied with the numbers there.

You can trust you made the right decisions.

All your needs are met. 

You can care for the loved ones in your life.

You can float in the lightness of being financially free.

You can dream up what’s possible when you have more than you need.

You are free to travel.

You are free to live life on your terms.

You have enough.

You are enough.

It’s possible.

Maybe it doesn’t feel possible right now.

I get it. I’ve been there.

Feeling like I'm on a hamster wheel- money comes in and money goes out with seemingly zero progress made.

Being afraid to look at my bank account. "What am I going to find? Maybe it's just better if I don't look." 

Late night Amazon buys.

Hours researching if I should buy something or not. "What if I buy the wrong one?"

That major FOMO then regret at all money spent after a weekend out.

Sleepless nights.

Guilt that comes with every purchase. “I shouldn’t have bought that.”

The weight of credit card debt and not being able to tell anyone about it.

The shame. How could I have gotten into this mess?

Dissatisfaction with jobs, relationships, and my body.

Forgotten budget sheets and apps.


Maybe some of these sound familiar to you.


Maybe, like me, you’ve tried the tips and tricks, the advice from parents and the internet.

Maybe, like me, you’ve tried “spending within your means” and saving.


And yet…

It’s still not working.

Maybe it worked for a while and then you came back to old habits.

Money keeps seeming to slip through your fingers.

You keep forgetting about the bigger goals.


Maybe, you have money but you constantly feel like you don’t have enough.

Maybe, you feel panicked at the idea of using any of your hard earned money.

When will it be enough?


You know that something has to change. For good.

I get it.

This is so much more than money.

It’s about how we view ourselves and the world.

It’s about the beliefs we’ve absorbed through our parents, our partners, and society. 

It’s about our core wounds, our core beliefs.

It’s about our boundaries with ourselves and with others.

It’s about how we’ve placed our self-worth on external factors.

It’s about shame and dissolving it through vulnerability.

It’s about the unworthiness we’ve felt.

It’s about forgiveness and acceptance.

It’s about belonging.

This is about feeling good enough.

This is about worthiness.

This is about being enough.

This is about treasuring our gifts.

This is about our potential.

This is about freedom, ease, joy, and love.

This is about who we are, right here, right now.

Your Invitation

We’re going on a deep dive. An excavation. Unearthing. Unraveling.

The stories we’ve been told. The stories we’ve believed that have become our own.

We’ll dive into our relationship with money from different angles and perspectives to see, in its fullness, how it affects our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and life.

Over the course of 12 weeks together, we’ll shed light on our beliefs and habits, offer ourselves forgiveness and grace, find acceptance, and take responsibility. We’ll explore how our relationship to money is tied with our self-worth, values, trust, power, and boundaries. We’ll be guided on creating practical solutions. We’ll envision what’s possible. We’ll dream even bigger and create what we once thought was impossible. We’ll transform from contraction to expansion.

How It Works

We start on September 1st, and every two weeks, we’ll explore a new module.

On each odd numbered week, you’ll receive an email with a video lesson or audio meditation, and a PLAYbook (like a workbook but more fun). 

On each even numbered week, we’ll have a Live Online Circle via Zoom for us to talk about what we’ve learned and what’s come up for us. It’s a chance for you to ask any questions and receive additional guidance. It’s a chance for us to give and receive support and wisdom from each other. In Exploration 5, we’ll have the chance to chat with other professionals that can provide us guidance on the practical application of how we use money.

This is designed for the working person, so there’s plenty of time to go at your own pace and really dive into the materials.

What’s Included

6 Playbooks full of questions for you to journal, meditate, or discuss. This is where the work (or play) is done. This is the deep dive into your inner world. We can read and hear lessons, but it’s in the introspection of how it relates to ourselves that we really unlock the power of changing our beliefs and our habits.

6 Lessons in Video or Audio form to expand your understanding about the topics in each module.

6+ Live Circles for us to collectively reflect on the week and explore as a community. There will be 6 Circles with me, and some with professionals who have guidance about the practical application.

Unlimited Access to our Private Facebook Group to receive and give support. This is where you can share what comes up in between lessons and circles. This is where you can see that you are not alone in this journey, and in fact, your struggles are much more common than we’re led to believe. Shame cannot exist with even an ounce of vulnerability. This is where you can speak up and break the cycles.

Our Journey


Exploration ONE

See the Light

Discover your Money Story

  • Crack open the belief system that you hold about money from a lifetime.

  • Shine a light on your beliefs and discover what’s actually true.

  • Rewrite your story.


Exploration TWO

Deep Dive

Honesty and Awareness with the Past

  • Gather your courage to dive into your spending.

  • Meet all the thoughts and emotions that arise.

  • Meet yourself where you’re at and simply be in the discomfort. The only way out is through.


Exploration THREE

Float with Courage

Forgiveness, Acceptance, Gratitude, Responsibility

  • Heal the past – your beliefs, mistakes, and shame.

  • Come to acceptance and gratitude with where you are in this moment.

  • Continue forward, taking responsibility for your future actions.


Exploration Four

You are a Treasure

Worth, Value, Trust, Power, Boundaries

  • You are a treasure. You are worthy. You can trust yourself. You are powerful.

  • Dive deeper into your relationship with money and how it plays with worth, trust, power, and boundaries.

  • Discover your values and how they relate to how you use money.


Exploration Five

Golden Alchemy

Practical Money, Looking to the Future

  • Be guided in the practical application of money, including budgeting.

  • Envision your new relationship with money going forward.


Exploration SIX


Manifesting More Money and Wealth

  • Learn how to manifest what you truly desire in this lifetime.

  • Feel into what it would actually be like to have what you desire.

  • Create inspired action-steps.

  • Dream up ideas to bring forth your desires.


Access to resources, workbooks, and Q+A with a CPA and other Financial Advisors.

Diving for Treasure is for you if…

You’re ready to change the way you’ve always been using money.

You're feeling stressed or weighed down because of debt or money.

You think you're "bad" with money.

You’re ready to look deep inside and shed light on your patterns and long held beliefs.

You want to feel empowered with your money choices.

You’re craving the freedom and possibilities from healing your relationship with money.

You want to live life on your terms.

You want to feel the lightness of being financially FREE.

About Your Mermaid Guide


Mona Luna is the mermaid guide who will lovingly take you to the deepest depths of your soul and your inner being. She is your guide who will keep you safe on your journey. She loves to play with others who are on a journey of seeking knowledge and understanding.

“Do you want to play with me?” she asks, her hand open and inviting you forward. She will take you on a journey unlike any before, one that is uniquely yours. If you allow her in, she will guide you through the darkest parts of yourself so you can find peace and freedom on the other side. Do you have the courage to jump in the waters of the unknown? You see a glint of glitter, of magic and possibilities, as she swims away. The choice is yours. 


I am a life coach, womxn’s circle creatrix, priestess, yoga teacher, designer, photographer, writer, human, fairy, mermaid, and so much more. Most importantly, I am a lifelong student. I am always learning more about our human experience on this earth school. I’m learning what it means to be fully human and fully divine. I’m learning about our human psyche. I’m learning about our inner wisdom. I’m learning to speak up and shine. 

I’m here in service to you as an individual and to our whole Collective Consciousness.

I’ve been on this journey. I’ve been doing this deep inner work for the past 5 years. I’ve read countless books, taken countless trainings and courses in yoga, philosophy, life coaching, money. I’ve worked with a therapist and life-coaches. I’ve shed a lifetime of trauma, codependency, abuse, addiction, and unhelpful thinking. I’ve changed the way I see the world. I went down the hole in over $10,000 of credit card debt from shopping, eating out, and not being able to say no. I worked jobs where I was making barely enough to pay the bills. I’ve felt undeserving of good things. I realized my worth and changed my job and my relationships. I crawled my way back out and paid off all that debt, and started to save.

I’m bringing forward this course from a place of wholeness, integrating everything I’ve learned and understood up until this point. This is my gift to you. 

Benefits of Diving for Treasure

Re-write your story to one that is authentically yours.

Feel confident in the choices you make with how you use your money.

Open communication between yourself and others around this taboo topic.

Define and Redefine your future vision so your money can work for you.

Energetically open the flow of abundance to you.

Learn and Remember your self-worth.

Discover and Rediscover your values.

Become financially FREE.

Are you ready?

You are being called to live a different life. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it.

This deep dive will transform your relationship with money and yourself. Reclaim your power with money.

You are worthy. You are deserving. You are enough.

Pay What You Want

Yes, you read that right. Pay what you want.

This course is valued at over $600 but I want this to be accessible so that you can start feeling good about money and live with more ease and freedom.

A suggested minimum for this 12-week course is $120 but it truly depends on your current financial situation and how much you are able to invest in yourself, your healing, and your growth right now.

I want you to get all the benefits at a price that you can afford. So truly… 
pay what you want, pay what you can, pay it forward.

I honor your choice.

Email me to talk about alternate payment options such as a payment plan or service trade.


Q: What’s the time commitment?

A: You’ll get out of it as much as you put into it. The Playbooks are released every other week and the Live Circles are on alternating weeks. The Playbook is where the magic happens and it can vary depending on the week. This content is yours forever so you can take as little or as long as you’d like.

We’ll have a Live Circle for 60 minutes every other week and these will be recorded and shared so you can watch at your convenience.

This course is designed with the busy and working person in mind. Allow yourself this gift of time to introspect.

Q: When are the Live Circles (group calls)?

A: Once this program starts, I’ll create a poll to determine a time that works best for everyone. All the Circles will be recorded so you can access them when it’s convenient for you. You’re welcome to submit questions in advance. The purpose of these calls are for us to strengthen as a community, share about our experience, and have any questions answered.

Q: Do I have unlimited access to materials after the course ends?

A: Yes! Each module will be emailed to you and you can download the Playbooks.

Q: Is this really Pay What You Want?

YES! This is the course that I wish I had when I was paying off over $10,000 of credit card debt. These are the tools I’ve collected from years of self-help books and courses, therapy, and life-coaching, all tailored to fit this particular challenge in your life. 

This is the first online course that I’m leading and I see this as an opportunity for us to grow together.

This is my way of Paying it Forward.

Q: When will Diving for Treasure be offered in the future?

A: We are currently in the first run of this course. To find out when this will be offered in the future, sign up for the Wait List to receive emails when we launch again.