Hey, I’m Mona!

I’m here to guide you to living your wildest dreams.

You are not alone in this. Through my writing, yoga classes, women’s circles, I create a space for healing and self-discovery. Through one on one coaching, I’ll ask you all the hard questions and gently guide you to live your truth and rock your ambitious goals.


This is for the wild ones.

The ones that are done wearing masks to fit in.

The ones that go against the grain.

The rebels with a cause.

Because you know

That you can only be yourself.


Mona Luna is the mermaid guide who will lovingly take you to the deepest depths of your soul, your inner being. She is your guide who will keep you safe on your journey. She loves to play with others who are on a journey of seeking knowledge and understanding.

“Do you want to play with me?” she asks, her hand open and inviting you. She will take you on a journey unlike any before, one that is uniquely yours. If you allow her in, she will guide you through the darkest parts of yourself so that you can find peace and freedom on the other side. Do you have the courage to jump in the waters of the unknown? You see a glint of glitter, of magic and possibilities, as she swims away. The choice is yours.